In this masterclass, Lola is sharing simple lighting setups, posing and styling techniques that she regularly utilizes on set with her clients. You will get to be the fly on the wall and see her workflow, how she sets up her lighting, style her models and interact with them. All delivered in a relaxed and fun style.

This 90-minute masterclass is divided into 3 lighting segments - artistic silhouettes, one light flow and two light set ups. You will watch Lola demonstrate multiple lighting scenarios that will open your eyes to the endless opportunities studio lighting creates. And you will see all original tethered images SOOC!

Course curriculum

    1. Intro

    1. Artistic Silhouettes

    1. One Light Flow

    1. Two Light Set Ups

    1. Lighting Diagrams

About this course

  • $167.00
  • 5 lessons

What's Included

  • Two hours of behind the scenes of Lola's Masterclass with 2 pregnancy models

  • Camera settings and SOOC image tethering

  • 15 studio lighting variations

  • Lifetime access to watch and re-watch the videos any time you need a quick refresher before a shoot